Borussia Dortmund vs Augsburg a 4-3 Thriller

Borussia Dortmund players celebrate win against Fc Augsburg

After a very successful winning streak in the Bundesliga and the Champions league, Borussia Dortmund will host FC Augsburg on Saturday evening for Match-day 7. The league leaders are coming into this game with a positive momentum and a very young team that can score anytime. Will Borussia Dortmund vs Augsburg bring 3 points to the Home team to remain top of the Bundesliga before the international break?

Line Ups Borussia Dortmund vs Augsburg

Dortmund: Bürki – Hakimi, Akanji, Zagadou, Diallo – Witsel, Weigl  – Sancho, Reus , Bruun Larsen – Philipp
Unused subs: Hitz, Piszczek, Dahoud, Delaney, Götze, Guerreiro, Alcacer
Coach: Lucien Favre

Augsburg: Luthe – Gouweleeuw, Khedira, Hinteregger – Framberger, Gregoritsch, Baier (c), Max – Hahn, Finnbogason, Caiuby.
Unused subs: Giefer, Danso, Jensen, Schmid, Cordova, F. Götze, Moravek
Coach: Manuel Baum


First Half

1′ Referee gives the kick off. Let’s go Borussia Dortmund.

2′ Early corner for the visitors, Max takes the kick.

3′ Another corner for Augsburg by Max.

4′ Baier receives a yellow card after illegally stopping a quick counter by Sancho.

7′ Sancho passes towards Philipp who couldn’t get hold of it.

8′ Axel Witsel’s long range effort goes over the bar.

9′ Burki makes his first save as Andre Hahn strikes from the right.

10′ A very accurate cross by Hakimi goes towards Bruun Larsen who unselfishly tries to pick up Marco Reus in the penalty spot, Augsburg’s defense clears the danger.

14′ Philipp is on the ground, ball kicked out of the pitch for medical assistance.

15′ What a miss by Marco Reus. The Borussia Dortmund sharp shooter doesn’t miss from this spot. Kudos for Sancho for putting such a ball on a silver plate.

21′ Achraf Hakimi commits a foul. Dangerous freekick for Augsburg.

22′ Finnbogason scores the first goal for Augsburg after a weak clearance by Zagadou. Borussia Dortmund vs Augsburg 0-1.

24′ A strong shot from Achraf Hakimi is blocked by the Augsburg’s Luthe. Cornerkick for Borussia Dortmund.

25′ Corner Kick by Bruun Larsen. Header by Zagadou is blocked by the defense. Witsel’s shot afterwards blocked also by the defense.

26′ Through lob ball by Sancho towards Reus is intercepted by the goalkeeper.

27′ Borussia Dortmund respond to Finnbogason’s counter attack by a quick counter. Reus runs through space but defense blocks.

33′ Sancho goes to the ground injured.

34′ A far effort from Maximilian Philipp is blocked to a corner kick.

35′ Borussia Dortmund had more possession so far getting on the ball 56% with 7 total shots against Augsburg’s 3.

42′ Aggressive challenge against Witsel gets Andre Hahn a yellow card.

44′ Borussia Dortmund are giving the ball in the midfield very easily.

45′ Another quick counter leading Marco Reus who passes to Sancho. Sancho’s cross blocked by the Defense.

46′ Referee sends both teams to the locker rooms, Borussia Dortmund vs Augsburg 0-1 at halftime.

Second Half

46′ Games is underway here in Dortmund after the break. No changes from both teams.

49′ A Double save as Roman Burki blocks two dangerous shots.

52′ A very aggressive protest by Marco Reus earns him a yellow card.

54′ Rami Khedira is booked after tackling Marco Reus illegally.

59′ Another yellow for Augsburg players, this time it’s Gouweleeuw’s trun. Substitution for Dortmund as Paco Alcacer comes in to replace Philipp.

62′ On his first touch of the ball, Paco Alcacer scores an easy goal after getting served by Sancho. Borussia Dortmund vs Augsburg 1-1.

Paco Alcacer celebrating goals against Augsburg

63′ Caiuby booked after ball comes off the crossbar. Dangerous chance by Augsburg attack.

67′ Corner kick for Borussia Dortmund, Akanji takes a header towards Luthe’s goal. Blocked by the defense.

69′ Guerreiro replaces Bruun Larsen. Hakimi blocks a dangerous shot by Caiuby.

71′ Sancho provides another sensational assist to Alcacer who’s shot goes over the ball. Max scores the second goal for Augsburg who lead 1-2.

75′ Augsburg are making their second substitution: Hahn off for Moravek.

76′ Bar goes over the bar as Augsburg’s quick counter comes to an end.

77′ Mario Gotze comes in his first Bundesliga appearance this season replacing Julian Weigl.

79′ Finnbogason’s tackle agains’t akanji gets him a yellow card.

80′ And it’s a brace. After a quick freekick by Guerreiro lands in the feet of Paco Alcacer who finishes without hesitation, Borussia Dortmund equalize against Augsburg 2-2.

84′ Gotze is back. He finally scores a goal after a clever pass by Hakimi. Borussia Dortmund vs Augsburg 3-2.

87′ Gregoritsch equalizes for Augsburg after a cornerkick by Max. the game is level again 3-3.

88′ Alcacer misses a real goal opportunity near the post.

91′ Guerreiro takes a shot cleared by Luther, another shot by Witsel goes wide.

95′ Cordova booked after tackling Hakimi. Freekick in a dangerous area for Borussia Dortmund. This is the last chance to score. Paco Alcacer is replacing Guerreiro behind the ball.

96′ Paco Alcacer scores a hat trick from a powerful freekick. What a game! What an ending! Unbelievable, the Spaniard makes it look so easy to score. Borussia Dortmund vs Augsburg ends 4-3. 3 more points this season.

Borussia Dortmund vs Augsburg : Players Performances

Defensively, Borussia Dortmund were trailing all game. The defense seemed out of focus throughout the game. Augsburg could play in the front without being disturbed. Roman Burki made some key saves that kept Borussia Dortmund in the game. 

In the midfield, Weigl played a decent game winning most of his tackles. He also provided some key passes. Witsel on the other hand allowed the midfield to flow towards the attack. He was more decisive in the midfield. Gotze’s introduction allowed for more flow in the middle and his goal was key to get to the front. Although Guerreiro was out for a while, he played a very good 20 minutes, providing the second goal.

Philipp still couldn’t find his pace in the front. Marco Reus lead quick counters and runs but wasn’t as efficient. Bruun Larsen struggled to take the ball forward and be clinical. Jadon Sancho is still the assist king. Finally, Paco Alcacer is the super star throughout this season so far. He scored 6 goals in 81 minutes of game time. Lucien Favre’s proved once again that his coaching is on point this Bundesliga season. Now we go into the international break 3 points ahead of competition. 

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