Borussia Dortmund Win at Home against Hertha

Borussia Dortmund secure an important win against Hertha Berlin. The home team came from a big win against Paderborn last week and a series of fairly positive results.

The game was very close between the two teams with a Hertha Berlin staying disciplined and compact while BVB pushing forward with numbers. The first half saw the visitors contain the home team’s enthusiasm and keep them at bay. The referee sent both teams to the changing rooms after a pretty uneventful 45 minutes.

The second half started in the same fashion but with more danger from the black and yellows. In the 58th minute, after a setup by Brandt, Emre Can scores the only goal of the game. A couple of substitutions allowed young players to get some game time. The game ends in the 93rd minute with important 3 points to increase the game for the competition. 

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